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I just realized last night that Bleach’s protagonist, Ichigo, is voiced by the same guy that played Vash the Stampede. At least, I think it’s the same guy. I made a half-assed attempt to look it up, but Wikipedia failed me. As the Internet is well aware, I’m a big Vash fan, so Bleach is now that many muthas-bucks richer.

As for Trinity Blood, or whatever that vampire show is called- not really my thing. This is an extremely shallow review, based on one episode, but I just didn’t like the style. I mean, a priest with monster killing super-powers…YEAH RIGHT.

Nuevo Comico.

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Comment by Tatzel
September 16, 2006 @ 7:17 pm

Yes, it is the same guy that voiced Vash the Stampede – and played the Green Power Ranger in the original Power Rangers. Pretty obscure stuff, ne?

Comment by mrdaveryan
September 17, 2006 @ 7:47 pm

Yeah, I actually ran across that Power Ranger info, I just couldn’t easily find the name of Ichigo’s actor. I don’t think it was the original Power Rangers though, because that would be Tommy. I think he was the green ranger on Power Rangers Super Alpha Luna Rainbow Coalition or something like that.

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