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January 21st, 2010

From beyond the grave

It ain’t over, my sweet babies. I was burned out, but now I’m itching to get back into it. I have some real world shit to take care of first and then it’s on. April’s not unrealistic. I’ve been inspired by the return of Hunter X Hunter.

I don’t plan to finish this Fran arc or continue the story from this point. We’re going to time-skip a year or two into the future to a point that will be more focused and fun to write I think. This will probably be on a new website. I’ll be sure to keep you all informed.

As a reward to those who hung around this long and want to know what happens in the current storyline:

SPOILER ALERT well sorta, I don’t know if this stuff will ever be conveyed in comic form

Fran gets a unicorn. The next trial, each challenger is assigned a little jello-like monster to defend within the a monster filled haunted hotel. Fran doesn’t like his monster, spends the whole trial trying to kill it and inadvertently wins. Due to an observational error Shizzle is also still around so those two contestants have to face off in a final round duel. Shizzle kills the big fat king guy. Fran eats the “fruit” from his jell-o monster which turns out to be a mushroom and his teleported back.

Next chapter – Robos trick a Black Diamond squad (Delta 7) to besiege the magical veterinary hospital to get at McFly. Delta quickly realizes the trick (McFly is long gone anyway) and engages the brown robo set. They kill the general who has earth powers. It’s a pretty cool fight. Elsewhere Frank Black and Otis try to assassinate the robo queen but are intercepted by some White Hearts. That fight is also cool.

Provoked by this attempt, the main robo army declares war and is on the move with their fancy new weapons. They are almost completely annihilated by some Blue Circle forces due to their fancy weapons actually being pretty crappy. The Queen and the generals escape and cause trouble all up and down the borderlands and some Blue Circle edge towns. This tags them with a record record bounty.

So every tough guy in the area wants a piece and after some really epic shit, Ralph and Eugene and a few other friends have the queen on the ropes but some kid in a super hero costume and smashes her head in with a baseball bat, stealing all the glory.

There’s a lot in between, but that’s the gist of it.

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