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June 29th, 2006


S-CRY-ED is back on Adult Swim. If mother lets you stay up past midnight, you should definitely check it out. The protagonist’s got more spaz then Domon Kasshu and the fat guy uses watermelon powers.

In celebration: a new comic.

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June 27th, 2006

Old School 4

You can’t keep a good man down.

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June 26th, 2006

Old School 3

Ninja tricks!

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June 22nd, 2006

Neon Genesis Evangelion…


New comic, ladies and gents.

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June 20th, 2006

Old School 2

Watch where you’re goin, McFly!

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June 18th, 2006

Old School

Once upon a time, a handsome young boy drew many comic book pages featuring some Bad Muthas and their friends. They’re old and many of them are unfinished. The storyline has changed as well as many of the characters. It’s an unintentional Tenchi kind of thing.

I’m going to pop these up twice a week. Consider it a supplement to the weekly updates of the main comic.

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June 15th, 2006


Two weeks in a row, my little chickens! I’ll try to keep this pace, but I can’t make any promises, what with my stubbed toe and all…

In other news: I washed my kitchen floor today! I can’t stress this enough, kids – your automatic dishwasher does NOT like hand soap.

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June 13th, 2006

Don’t underestimate the magnificent ten

SHOULD be an update by Thursday, barring some kind of HOT date.

The finale of Giant Robo went up On Demand this past weekend. Cutting edge/ anime selects/mad sushi is where to find it (or something like that). Enjoy!

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June 6th, 2006


Update of the devil!

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June 5th, 2006


I guess spellcheck deletes all the shit that was written.

Update this week.

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