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November 29th, 2007

Glossary – D Day

Demon Day
16 years ago, demons fell from the sky over the city of Demoine. The ‘Demon Rain’, as they call it, continued for about 6 hours unleashing thousands of demons upon the bustling metropolis. The demon horde crushed all resistance the Northern Green Triangle could muster. The great capital city of Laput was reduced to a crater in a single day. Even some of the world’s most powerful forces (like the Black Diamond Society and White Hearts) could do little more than evacuate refugees. Within a few weeks, the demons dominated the entire Yeelo River Delta.

The demon-controlled territory has unofficially become known as ‘The Badlands’- an unoriginal but accurate moniker. If the demons have such a thing as a capital, it would be the former city of Demoine, now cleverly renamed Demon City.

In case you haven’t figured it out, D Day = Demon Day.

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October 22nd, 2007

Glossary – Lord Ruber

Blessing: Bel – god of war and strength

Age: ???

History: ???

Occupation: Queen’s Guardsmen in the Divine Kingdom Grand Army

Gear: sword; Bel’s Buckler

Goals: glorius combat; serving his queen

Currently: In all out pursuit of the thief of the Great Orb, Guy McFly

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October 10th, 2007

Glossary – Divine Kingdom Knight

Blessing: varied (sometimes none)

Age: varied

History: A Knight begins their military career as a Pawn. After four years of service, they become eligible for the Rite of Virtues. If they complete the Rite, their body is upgraded and they are awarded command of a squad of 4 – 6 Pawns.

Knights are usually tall and thin, though exact dimensions vary somewhat. The crest atop each Knight’s head is unique.

Occupation: Squad Leader in the Divine Kingdom Grand Army

Gear: Usually a sword or pole arm, less often an axe or bow; cape; boots; gloves; belt

Goals: Serving their respective Guardsman honorably

Currently: In all out pursuit of the thief of the Great Orb, Guy McFly

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October 3rd, 2007

Glossary – Banana Fran

Limit: Banana Regeneration

Age: ???

History: Banana Fran’s been tough as nuts as long as anybody can remember.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Gear: Bow-wow Blades; guns; explosives; weapons; weapons; weapons

Goals: cold brewskis and hot dames

Currently: hunting bountyheads in the Borderlands

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September 26th, 2007

Glossary – Oz Jr.

Limit: King Dragon

Age: ???

History: ???

Occupation: White Heart: Superhero Class

Gear: snazzy belt

Goals: to make something of himself

Currently: performing super-heroic feats of daring-do around the world

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September 20th, 2007

Bonus Glossary – Gregor

Limit: Beastly Knowledge

Age: ???

History: ???

Occupation: Scholar

Gear: scarf

Goals: to observe and understand all of the world’s creatures

Currently: deceased

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September 19th, 2007

Glossary – Buck

Limit: Wild Child

Age: 14

History: ???

Occupation: Security Guard at the BloodWood Veterinary Hospital

Gear: scarf; shadow stalker skull

Goals: to repay her debt

Currently: escorting a child to a nearby town

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September 12th, 2007

Glossary – The Borderlands

The Borderlands are an unclaimed territory located on the continent of Northland. The strip of land is bordered by The Blue Circle Republic to the east and north, Green Triangle to the southwest, the Divine Kingdom to the west and the Badlands to the northwest.

In terms of natural topography, The Borderlands are diverse. Landforms range from mountains in the North to swamplands in the South with dense forests and grassy plains in between.

The border between The Blue Circle Republic and Green Triangle has never been firmly established. This discrepency resulted in several disputes between the two nations. Conflict escalated to all out war when vast stores of the rare mineral godomite were discovered in the northern mountains of the disputed area. The war ended when the Green Triangle was fragmented by civil war and surrendered unconditionally to the Blue Circle. Blue Circle’s victory was short-lived, however, as godomite mining proved unprofitable due to demon infestation and difficult terrain. Both countries have lost interest in the territory.

The Borderlands are unclaimed territory and as such, have no central government. The majority of the towns in this region are abandoned. The few that remain are generally self-governed.

Lacking a central government, the borderlands have become something of a haven to the criminal element. Crime runs rampant and the only central form of law enforcement is a system that was developed amongst the scattered towns known as Bounty Bingo. The majority of Borderlands residents are Blue Circle citizens and their descendants. As such, certain towns have received assistance from the Blue Circle Police Corp during extreme circumstances.

What we’ve seen:
Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 both take place in the Borderlands in the town of Huck and the Bloodwood, respectively.

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September 5th, 2007

Glossary – Bri

Bri is a Fox Ninja word that literally means “power of the soul”. Breathing, running, thinking – all acts, voluntary and involuntary require and expend Bri. Essentially, it is a being’s life-force.

Although every living creature possesses it, most are unaware of Bri’s potential or even its existence. The 3 Fox Ninja Clans are an exception. Through years of training, fox shinobi are able to bring Bri to a tangible, and in many cases, very potent, level. They manipulate their Bri to enhance their combat and reconnaissance abilities. Basic Bri techniques involve enhancement of muscle tissue and sensory organs for improved strength, speed, agility, sight, hearing and smell. Advanced Bri users are capable of super-human feats such as creating illusions and breathing fire.

Bri has properties – color, sound, smell, feel, taste – each of which are unique to the individual. These properties are usually undetectable. There are two exceptions: a skilled Bri user can apply their abilities to detect the Bri of others AND extreme concentrations of Bri can be detected by non-users.

Bri is not limitless. All actions USE and EXPEND Bri. Actions that use Bri directly, such as a ninja illusion, burn Bri even faster. It’s not unheard of for a novice user to pass out and be bed ridden for days due to fatigue caused by one minor Bri manipulation. In extreme cases, death is a possibility.

It should be noted that there are Bri manipulators outside of the fox clans, though they either explain their abilities differently or not at all. They are most likely unaware of Fox Ninja theory or the term Bri.

Known Examples of Bri Manipulation:

On multiple occasions, using Bri-powered illusions, Guy McFly convinces his enemies that he is a small green leaf.

Guy McFly concentrates Bri in his eyes in order to view Ralph’s Bri, which Ralph is in turn using to support the weight of his body.

Ralph is not familiar with the concept of Bri, but McFly would identify the Ralph Cannon and Ralph’s Gift as extreme concentrations of Bri that can be seen by unassisted eyes.

Bri Bri Bri, stick in on your knee.

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