You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


You are Banana Fran, tough-as-nuts bounty hunter and playboy extraordinaire

That pile of chump in your backseat is Anthony "Borgy" Borgazi - a master hacker for the Screamin' Mimis motorcycle gang. A few months ago, Borgy hacked some major internet players - Shmoogle, Fahoo - rumor has it he even cracked a few top-secret government networks. Apparently, he caused quite an uproar throughout the internetting community. Quite frankly, you couldn't give a lick. Fightin, swearin, spittin, drinkin - that's more your speed. Borgy's got a price on his head, a high one, and that's all you need to know.

Borgy was obviously a major breadwinner for the gang; they fought tooth and nail to keep him around. It's too bad for them that teeth and nails don't amount to a hill of beans against a banana with a Swesson 820 Sawed-off and a handful of Drocker all-purpose hand grenades. Still, the Mimi's are known to operate this far North, and some of the tougher ones can be real motherfuckers. You're beat and low on ammo. Even a hard-ass like yourself has to admit that trouble is best avoided at this point.

You're headed north on Route 55, a glorified dirt road, at an easy 135 mph - a casual pace for your 1965 Diablo GV-200. Even so, you've still got about half a day's drive to Doggart, the nearest Bounty Bingo hub. A sign, "GAS - last chances for 70 miles", is the first evidence of civilization you're seen in hours.

Your fuel gauge is reading about a quarter tank. Now WOULD be a good time to get gas. You know, if you're the play it safe kind of banana. The gas station exit is coming up on your right... what do YOU do?

Might as well get it over with - fuel up. The fewer stops the better, I'll gas up when I'm past E.