Heroes Episode 10 – Tolerable!

This isn’t saying much, but this was one of the best episodes in a while*. The Sylar origin was interesting and actually not what I expected. The Nickie stuff was tolerable and Mohinder only got like 30 seconds of screentime. But man, this show is just dumb sometimes:

Parkman continuously fails the detective test because he’s dyslexic? Ok. Wait, what? I guess in 11 years of police work he never had to write any reports … or take any statements … or read any handbooks … or take any tests in the police academy?? I’m not saying dyslexia wouldn’t be a problem for him, but how did he get this far? And even if it is plausible, isn’t there some kind of training that can help the situation? Famous dyslexic, Theo Huxtable, grew up to be a school teacher.

I guess he was fudging the reading parts too.

The Hiro piece was silly. Writing time travel stuff can get pretty tricky, I understand that. It’s a plot device that can have an awesome payoff but it comes fully-loaded with continuity pitfalls. A brotha’s got to plan ahead. 10 episodes in and Heroes already fucked up. The girl has the Japanese translation book, but she doesn’t remember Hiro? That’s some sloppy work. And how about those oragami swans? Hiro can freeze time for a few weeks now I guess?

Oh and of course they fall in love…shocker!

*Last week’s was decent, the other cheerleaders death was surprisingly gory and surprisingly surprising, but the showdown between Peter and Sylar was weeeeaaak.

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