Metalocolypse (sp!)

I’m liking Metalocolypse so far. Of course, I’ve only seen three episodes, but I fucking bleed metal, dude. I just wish I could tell what the fuck the characters were saying most the time.

I’m a fan of the direction Adult Swim has taken recently. Original ideas and decent artwork (Metalocolypse, Morel Oral, Minoriteam) have replaced the “wacky” not-really-that-funny humor and shitty-retard scribble drawings (12 Ounce Mouse, Squidbillies) of a few months ago. That’s really ripper.

For the record: Not a huge Minoriteam fan. Lines from 12 Ounce get stuck in my head and result in a chuckle a few days later. The voice-acting in Squidbillies is awesome, but hey, if you’re gonna keep running that shiz, let’s get more then three episodes RIGHT???

New comic. I’ll be in Chicago this weekend. So if you’re in the area and you notice a spiky-haired lankman who is handsomer than can, tell him you like his doodles.

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