As’s foremost TV aficionado, I’ve been remiss on commenting on the latest TV happenings.

The Sopranos: Didn’t we all see this coming? Were we not expecting some kind of unsatisfying open-ended thinking man’s ending? Isn’t that what REALLY caused the tension we felt while watching the diner scene? Not so much “oooh, who’s gonna get it???” but more of a “shit there’s only like a minute left, nothing’s gonna happen.”

I would have liked a nice neat resolving violent ending as much as anybody, but I have to admit, that wouldn’t have really fit the styleof the series. I sort of understand what everyone is furious about, but not really. B

The Shield: A weak ending for such a fun season. Everything wrapped up a little TOO neatly. Heads needed to roll. C

Prison Break: “Hey this show’s getting pretty good ratings! Let’s reset and do it all over again!” C+ (plus for hot Bellick nudity)

Heroes: A fittingly weak ending to a weak series. Peter Patrelli has the ultimate super-power, yet all he appears to be capable of is turning into an invisible pussy. The only time Peter can’t seem to activate his awesome run-away ability is when he turns into a nuclear bomb. Oh, and a word of advice, Pete. If you happen to overhear super-villain Sylar think “The feds are after him, I’ll use that to my advantage” maybe you can help a brotha out when the feds just happen to capture Tim in the next 30 seconds. You dick. Finale C- Patrelli F—

Lost: The twist at the end was good, I’ll give ’em that. But criminy, everyone is acting like the Lost finale was a sweet-ass Dyno with chrome hex pegs. Charlie’s death was retarded. He could have ran out the door, put on swim gear, left door open blah blah blah. Whatev. B

The Office: Funny AND there’s some semblance of a plot that you actually care about. Kind of rare for a comedy these days (I’m looking at you ‘It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia’). Good stuff right up to the final line – “We’re through”. A

Scrubs: I’m kind of embarrassed that I used to tell people I like this show – and by “used to” I mean like 4 months ago. Sappy crappy. What happened in the finale? Did i even watch it? Do I even care? Wasn’t there a musical episode this season? Compared to most shows, the finale was a C. Compared to what Scrubs used to be: D

Eureka 7: Wow. What a standard vague, lame, eco-centric anime ending. D

I watch more TV then I thought.

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Comment by Guess
July 11, 2007 @ 3:33 pm

Yes, Charlie could have possibly saved himself… BUT the only way Claire was going to be safe and rescued (according do Desmond) was for Charlie to die. So Charlie died willingly… for Claire.
The end…
See you (lost) in Feburary!

Comment by mrdaveryan
July 11, 2007 @ 10:15 pm

I know, I know, I get that. But riddle me this – why was Charlie so happy when he surfaced in the underwater power station?

Because he was alive and he thought he could accomplish the task without dying. SO when the opportunity is presented later for Charlie to accomplish his task and escape (by closing the door AFTER he exits the switch room), why doesn’t he take it? Why the sudden change of mind? Hmmm?? HMMMMMMMM?????

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