Howard Stern meets Leeroy Jenkins

One of Howard’s slaves must have discovered the now ancient Leeroy Jenkins video on YouTube and figured it would make for some good discussion on Tuesday’s show. I’m surprised Howard even gave a shit. But, in spite of having no idea what a World of Warcraft is, The Howard actually devoted two separate segments to talking about the video. Psycho-fan, Mark Friggins, has a synopsis of the discussion for you, just scroll down a bit.

Important and exciting news? Hardly. Just thought it was interesting.

Thoughts to ponder: Each day, it becomes a bit more apparent that the Stern Show’s main players are disconnected old-fart millionaires. That’s one thing that terrestrial radio has going for it – the djs are barely celebrities, so average Joes like me can relate to them. Too bad they’re all fucking obnoxious dweebs. Especially Opey and Anthony, who are almost as bad as Preston and Steve, but hopefully, most of you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. Amen. (Kidd Chris is cool though…once you get used to him)

Another interesting note is that Howard TV producer Scott Depace said his Xbox live user name during the wrap-up show. I don’t know if that’s an invite for harassment or what, just thought it was surprising.

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