You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


Sure, the gauge indicates you're a little past empty, but gas at the next reststop you hit is $.30 cheaper per gallon than anything you've seen in months. There's even a Narby's Beefhouse across the way!

Within minutes, you're back on the road. The tank is full and you've got two Big Westerns and a Diet Fizz ready to join the party. You even get an order of Narby's Super Seasoned Sizzler fries for hackmaster Borgy.

In four hours, you'll be in Doggart, turning Borgy over for a handsome cash RE-ward.

"This one was pretty easy", you think to yourself, "It's nice to finally hit a payday without having to go through some stupid fucking adventure."


That was fun, let me take another go! Let me at some of that other comic action!