You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


Ted's on his feet again in an instant. His claws miss your face by centimeters. As you send him through another refrigerator unit with a boot to the gut, you notice what must have been the spice area in ages past on the shelf to your left.

Ted's in your face again before you know it. In one fluid movement, you grab a red-capped yellowish container and dash the contents across the vamp's face. Ted's howling as his face erupts in blisters. There's a wet greenish explosion as you send Ted crashing against the counter with a right hook to the jaw.

You casually shake the blister goo off your gloves. "How stupid does a vamp gotta be to keep garlic salt in stock?"

Instead of answering your pointed question, Ted bursts through the large plate glass window behind him.

You give chase as you run the situation through your head. It's gotta be a bit more than coincidence that vampire Ted is headed in the same direction as the tracks from your car. Whoever nabbed Borgy is out there somewhere. Ted's obviously got one accomplice, if not more.

All you've got are two grenades and a shaker of garlic salt. That's not too reassuring if you're running into a vampire ambush. But what choice do you have? Lose sight of Ted and you may never pick up the trail... what do YOU do?

Gotta stay on him. I'll rely on my guts if I run into trouble. This stinks of ambush. I can still follow the tracks from the car. I'll grab my stuff first.