You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


"Whatever, kid, just get me a pack a Canron Greys." Cigarettes look to be the one thing this dump has fully stocked.

"$6.50" The price of smokes gets higher each time you buy a pack these days. You immediately light one up.

"Can't smoke that in here." Still not looking up.

"My bad." In one swift movement you grab the punk by the collar and put the cigarette out on his greasy forehead. His scream lets you know you've finally got his full attention.

"So about my missing cargo-"

Ted breaks your hold with surprising ease. "You just made a big mistake, you banana-FUCK!" His eyes go dark. His canines look a lot longer and sharper than you remember.

You back off quick! You've dealt with a few vampires in your day. Some go down easy; others don't go down at all. The problem with fighting a vamp is you don't know which caliber you're up against until you're already elbow-deep in a fight to the death.

In any case, Ted's movements are quick. It's all you can do to avoid a flurry of swipes from those razor sharp vamp claws. The shelf to the right of you crumbles into a pile of metal splinters. Any banana knows that going at a vamp hand to hand is undesirable. As you vault over a shelf containing three dust covered cereal boxes you realize that all your worthwhile gear is sitting in the passenger seat of your car. You're tempted to try one of the grenades strapped to your chest but the close quarters don't bode well for that strategy.

"Can't you banana's do anything other then run??!!" Ted's narrow miss sends him crashing through a refrigerator unit.

This is the first, and possibly, last opening you're going to get... what do YOU do?

Make a break for the car to get your gear! Take it to the bitch!