You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


The gas station is about a mile off the highway, placing it even more so, in the middle of nowhere. The sign says Hellser. You've never heard of it. Numbers are missing from the prices. As best you can tell, Super Unleaded costs three something a gallon. There's only two pumps...both full-serve. There's an old-fashioned soda cabinet next to the door of the dismal little station building. You wonder if there's anything other then cobwebs inside.

With a sigh, you throw the Diablo in park and wait for a good 5 minutes. You lay on the horn. Another minute. More horn. You cut the engine.

"I'm heading in. You wait here" Borgy looks up unamused from his bound and gagged position in the backseat. You think you're pretty funny.

There's a dull metal clank as you open the door. The visitor bell must have lost its clanger some time ago. The place doesn't stink outright, but there's definitely a lurking smell of something rotting somewhere. The shelves of the grocery area are sparse at best. As far as you can tell, 30 some odd items comprise the store's entire inventory.

You're surprised to find a living creature behind the counter. He's a young punk who looks a little too hip to be operating a run-down gas station in the capital of nowhere. His neon-red hair is styled into one of those faux-hawks the pop-punk bands seem to love so much and he's got more facial piercings than you'd ever bother to count. His name patch reads 'Ted'.

"Sup?" The little shit doesn't even look up from his copy of Bloodsuckers Weekly

"This place full serve?"

"Nope." Still not looking up.

Your fists have clenched almost instinctively, but you've got better things to do than pound some shit-birds face in, "$30 on pump 2."

"Sure thing, pops."

You notice the reddening sky for the first time. The sun is setting. If not for the coming twilight, you might not have noticed your car's interior light. Did you leave your door open?

Borgy is gone. The ropes and gag are nowhere to be found. As far as you can tell, Borgy's still tied up, somewhere. That rules out any Mimis snatching him back...probably. But who else could it be? A quick survey of your surroundings reveals nothing but desolate rock formations.

You scan the ground for clues. Luckily, this shithole of a station is covered completely in a layer of dirt. It looks like Borgy was dragged from the car toward a conspicuously placed dumpster about half a mile away.

Someone just absconded with this month's pay check...what do YOU do?

This is fishy. That punk in the shop must know something, I'll ask him. What more do I need to know? Follow the tracks.