You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


In spite of their overwhelming numbers, the vampires appear to be at a disadvantage. Only the strongest vampires can even follow the old man's movements and the dragon guy and his pets are wasting vamps ten at a time. Well, you never could resist the challenge of the underdog.

Lucky for these losers, you pretty much wrote the book on slaying Mundirk Greatbacks. You grab a carving knife off the nearest buffet table and throw the bitchin'est side arm that dragon never saw coming. The knife finds its mark, right under the snout, the Mundirk's little-known weak spot.

"BELZARRRRR!!!!" The little froggy dude is not happy as his monstrous pet falls to the floor with a spectacular thud. He doesn't have much time to bitch though as four of the tougher looking vamps are on him immediately. Before you can join in, someone grabs your shoulder.

"Impressive throw, my friend." You turn to look into the picture perfect smile of a well dressed vamp who doesn't have a scratch on him. "You're a member of the Dark Order now. We're leaving." A deep purple cloud envelopes you, and then, you're gone.

Years pass as you work in hiding with the Dark Order, recruiting troops and training them in the ways of lethal Banana Arts. You too, learn, as you improve your abilities ten-fold through the ancient wisdom of the vampire. When the time finally comes to strike, there's no force on Earth that can match the power of the Order.

The world is covered in darkness.


That was fun, let me take another go! Let me at some of that other comic action!