You Are Banana Fran - GAS IT UP!


A vamp is in your face almost immediately. A quick elbow sends him chasing after his nose. You pull the pin and the grenade is airborne moments before a second vampire severs your throwing arm. Quid pro quo, you knock half of his teeth out with your boot. Two more vamps are on you before your foot hits the ground. Someone's got his teeth in you. You wonder if vamps can regrow their eyes as you gouge the sucker without looking.

With your remaining arm busy de-eyeballing, your side is wide open for two lethal jabs from the smallest vampire you've ever seen. Tiny or not, his skull still cracks plenty loud when you send him reeling with a ferocious headbutt.

At least 3 sets of arms have you restrained as the damage begins to take its toll. Your vision blurs as you wonder if your grenade even did anything. A shrieking long-haired vamp is flying at you, claws at face level -


You wake up to blackness. Your eyes adjust. Wherever you are, it's not that conference hall that you were just busting heads in.

Your arm has already grown back, your hand should be finished forming within a minute or two. Your other injuries are already gone.

"In you go, ugly." You're weightless for a moment until you hit what must be a pile of garbage bags. You here Ted mumble something about a compactor and the sound of something large and metal slamming.

The hole in your gut is nothing but a slight indentation now. Within a few seconds, there'll be no trace of the injury that knocked you unconscious.

You look around. You're on top of a large pile of corpses in a tight metal room. You notice a familiar vest / army boot combo - so much for Borgy. More importantly, so much for your reward money.

You didn't notice it at first, but there's a muffled beeping sound, a slow rhythm, coming from somewhere down in the pile.

The world shakes! Large metallic somethings are churning and grinding. The corpses are moving. Zombies?! No, don't be ridiculous. The bodies are being pushed...the room is shrinking!

There's a hatch above you, most likely your entrance point. Stack a few bodies, and you can reach it pretty easy. But there's that beeping again... what do YOU do?

I'm not getting compacted! I'm outta here! I must solve the mystery of this infernal beeping.